Thursday, 11 June 2015

TGIFF! - Quilt Girl Spies a Turtle

Welcome to TGIFF, where every finish deserves a celebration!

Before I get into our party, I have some exciting news!

October Sky won second place in the "Excellence for Original Modern Wallquilts" at Quilt Canada's National Juried Show. Holy crap! Actually, I said something a little more graphic, but it wouldn't be polite to repeat it. ;)

When I think back to my very first quilt, there's no way I ever thought one of my quilts could get accepted at a major show, let alone place. I'm still grinning like a fool about it. :D

Okay, enough about that. It's time to enjoy some finishes!

My quilt this week was barely finished in time.

I've been working on a couple of new projects, but neither are close to being finished so what's a TGIFF! host to do? And so begins our tale:

On Monday, we started planning a baby shower for a colleague and there was my answer. I pulled out one of my wee spy tops, which I sometimes make as a leader/ender project, and found that I just had to add the border! 

Within a few hours, this baby was done! Doing the top as a leader/ender saved me about 2 hours this week (I've done this quilt many times so I know how long it takes me). Sweet!

Love that coral paired with the turtle fabric of the backing. Hopefully my colleague will love it too.

Finished quilt size: 42" by 54"

Phew! I always like a happy ending...

This fabulous quilty comic? Not me. It's fabric! Quilt Girl by Whistler Studios for Wyndham Fabrics. I found it at The Pickle Dish in Carleton Place for you local folks. You are welcome! :)

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival - October Sky

It's one of my favourite times of year -- the Blogger's Quilt Festival hosted by the amazing Amy Ellis.  I'm entering my October Sky quilt into the art quilt category. There are a number of gorgeous quilts already linked up so check it out when you get a chance. Even better, enter one of yours!

My October Sky quilt had quite a journey. It evolved quite a bit from the original design, then there was a lot of deliberation over the colours, and finally undergoing a lot of hand stitching and machine quilting.

The quilting is about 1/8" to 5/8" max. I'm thrilled with the movement that the quilting and hand stitching gives it -- like air currents.

Hope you don't mind a LOT of photos. ;)

This quilt is going to Lethbridge, Alberta for the Quilt Canada 2015's National Juried Show in a couple of weeks. Woo hoo!

Final size: 24" x 44.5"
Fabrics: Kona solids
Threads: DMC embroidery threads and Aurifil (50wt.)

I'm entering this one in the art quilt category.

Happy long weekend!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Some Mother's Day Weekend Specials!

I mentioned the Sew Sisters special this weekend, but I learned that my other sponsors are having some sales too! Woo hoo! Now that's my kind of Mother's Day gift!

Mad About Patchwork - All 10″ squares (layer cakes) have been marked down 20%. And the linen/cotton Mochi dots are marked down 25%. Now thru Sunday May 10.

The Running Stitch - For those in the Ottawa area, the first 25 customers on Saturday, May 9th will receive a VIQ (Very Important Quilter) canvas tote with a $25 purchase.

Fabric Spark

Mystery Fat Quarter Event At Fabric Spark

Canadian National Fabric

spring sale 2015_edited-2

I hope you have a great weekend. Enjoy!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

TGIFF! - Codex

Welcome to TGIFF! It's been a crappy week in the Quilt Matters household so I'm especially glad that it's just about done and I can celebrate something positive. :)

This quilt began as part of two challenges for our local Modern Quilt Guild -- the Block Design Challenge and the Montreal Meetup/Modern Design Challenge. Running out of time but wanting to participate in both challenges, I shamelessly combined the two. ;)

More than most of my quilts, this was a therapy quilt. To me, the lines in it feel strong and hard and powerful -- the opposite to how raw I'm feeling these days. It's not a sweet or joyful quilt. Funny weird (not funny ha ha) how my other 'therapy' quilt Innocence Lost, Courage Found uses the same colours. Sensing a theme...or dare I say series?

As I mentioned in my last post about this quilt, the design feels like it's a code of some sort so I added hand stitching with some embroidery floss in spots to mimic morse code. The machine quilting, done with a 50 wt Aurifil 2460 using a walking foot, adds a crop circle effect, which we all know is a code from aliens from outer space. ;) The quilting is controlled and precise -- again in juxtaposition with how chaotic my life is feeling right now.

One problem I had with this quilt is bearding. Bearding is when the batting comes through the pores of the fabric. I think I may have put the batting on backwards. Oops. I've been using tape and clothing rollers to remove the lint, but as you can see, there's still some bits and bobs here and there. Hopefully it will settle over time and not get worse.

Finished size: 33" by 40".

Did you hear that Sew Sisters Quilt Shop is having a Mother's Day Sale? 20% off yardage on May 10. Who needs flowers or chocolates when you can receive fabric?!

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